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Eunice Robinson, Sharon Bordeleau and Maureen Ross
Richmond High School 90th Anniversary - April 23, 2018
(Photo: Barb Nielsen)

The Sea Island Heritage Society is a small charity dedicated to collecting, cataloguing, and recording the history of Sea Island, in British Columbia, Canada.

On February 20, 2001, Sea Island ex-pats created the Sea Island Heritage Society, and on September 5, 2001, registered it under the provincial Societies Act. On March 13, 2002, the society was registered as a “not-for-profit” charity under the Income Tax Act.

About Our Society

About Sea Island

Many members of the Board of Directors were expropriated from their homes and neighbourhoods on Sea Island to make room for the expansion of the Vancouver International Airport. In the early days, Sea Island was a farming and fisheries area with neighbourhoods like Eburne, the Cora Brown subdivision and Burkeville. Burkeville is the only remaining residential area on the island, created by Boeing Canada during WWII.

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