2442 AC&W Squadron (Auxiliary)

The 2442 Aircraft Control & Warning Unit (Reserve) Vancouver was formed on April 1, 1950 to train personnel in radar operations for the new radar station then under construction, and to train the personnel in all aspects of aircraft control and warning. Training was carried out in quarters provided in the Reserve Centre on Hastings Street, in Vancouver, British Columbia.

On November 1, 1951, 2442 AC&WU was re-designated as 2442 Aircraft Control & Warning Unit (Auxiliary), and on December 1, 1953, the unit became a squadron. In the fall of 1951, the squadron moved to a building converted for it at RCAF Station Sea Island, and with the addition of up-to-date training equipment the work became both life-like and interesting. The number of personnel was enlarged and the unit prepared for the emergency that has not come in its lifetime. In the event of war or national emergency, they would have become Guardians of the Skies working from the completed "Pinetree" radar sites. They provided a strong reserve of trained manpower in a time when the Korean War was still on and the Cold War threatening to become warmer.

2442 AC&W Squadron was another victim of the SAGE system. Consequently, it was disbanded on March 31, 1961.

2442 AC&W (Auxiliary) Squadron

circle with crown, 2442 squadron pin

Photo: Emil Schafer

Active 1950-1961
Role Training, Radar Operations

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