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Eunice Robinson, Kathleen Bernice Leversage (Mrs. Douglas),
Don Phillips and Doug Eastman
(Photo: Karen Tourangeau)

To preserve the history of Sea Island and its inhabitants, members of the Sea Island Heritage Society continue to research and document this history to leave you with a legacy.

They search through, dig into and ferret out information from the City of Richmond Archives, amongst others. They hold a large collection of memories, documents and photographs, many donated by families who wish to preserve the history of Sea Island.

Volunteers to continue the research started by our society are always welcome.

Sea Island Projects

Many of the members of the Sea Island Heritage Society were expropriated from their homes and neighbourhoods on Sea Island to make room for the expansion of the Vancouver International Airport. Sea Island has an interesting history, from its original rural pioneers to a Canadian Armed Forces base during World War II, to the present day airport and inhabitants.

To make sure the history of the island and its citizens gets recorded, the Sea Island Heritage Society is working on a number of projects like identifying all the residents who lived on Airport Road in the Eburne area, and completing biographies of each teacher who taught on Sea Island.

Click the links below to view the results of each project.

Address Residents of Airport Road
200 Richmond Tug Boat Co. Ltd., Peters
222 LeBreton
224 Bayes, Mayer, Mayes, Peterse, Scott, Peterson
224 - Suite 1 Mayer, Anton (checker) and Mrs. Augusta Mayer
224 - Suite 2 Petersen, John (labourer) and Mrs. John Petersen, McLeish, Peat, Wilson, Kayall
226 Jordan
230 Grauer's Store, Scott, Steeves
232 Dent, May, George, Frame, Jefferies, Cameron, R.M. Grauer Stores, Heilman, Mahy, McArthur, Walt, Martens, Billy, Smalley, Pearse
232, Suite 1 Parker, Fraser, Gilmore
232, Suite 2 Pearse, Ron (deckhand), Mitchell
232, Suite 3 Wolanski, Ernie (carpenter) and Mrs. Eleanor Wolanski, Whitfield, Howard
232, Suite 4 Slater, John McIntosh (welder) and Mrs. Margaret Slater, Day, Mrs. Dianne Cote, Dubois, Billy, Anderson
233 Eburne Service Station
236 Allen, Wallace, Larson, Rober, Wong
236, Suite 1 Cranmer
236, Suite 2 Dean, Precious, Stanley
236, Suite 3 McArthur, Duncan (CPR worker) and Mrs. Mary McArthur
244 McGinness, Hajes, Hansen, Dunnan, Hussakkers, Bonneau, Ryvers, Senechal, Howe
244, Suite 2 McArthur, Duncan (CPR worker) and Mrs. Mary McArthur
244, Suite 4 Bonneau, Louis (salvage worker), Bowlby, Taylor (millworker), Cranmer, Precious
250 Vinnidge
256 Child, Smalley, Duncan, Rodgers, Day
278 Ammann (Ammenn), Wiens
280 Richmond Tug Boat Co. Ltd., Scholtens, Rolke, Fransen, Robinson, Dutton
282 Jordan
284 Vanlderstine, Coltman
286 United Dredge and Derrick Ltd., Hodder Tugboat Co. Ltd.
300 Scott
2200 Lavender
2240 Parker, Peat
2320, Suite 4 Colsulich, Glushka
2360 Cranmer, Precious
2800 Brincker, Cameron, Fairweather, McLean, McMillan, Pattison, Robinson, Scott, White, Hastings, Eagle, Fraefel, Jepson
2860 Broadribb, Davies,Hughs, McKay, Richardson, Renaud, Rogalsky, Trotter, Whipple
Name of Teacher Name of School Years Teaching
Akune, Itoko (née Nishi) Sea Island Elementary 1959-1965
Bain, Ronald Charles (1940-2019) Duncan McDonald Elementary 1969-1973
Bidin, Patricia Mary (Mrs. Hume) (1931-1995) RCAF Annex to Sea Island Elementary 1950-1954
Clements, George Victor (1925-2010) Sea Island Elementary 1955-1957
Coleman, Judith Esther (née Cameron) Sea Island Elementary 1963-1964
Freeman, Byron (Barry) Whitman (1919-2014) Sea Island Elementary 1963-1964
Gammer, John (Jack) Allen Duncan McDonald/Sea Island Elementary 1963-1973
Harper, Eleanor (Dolly) (née Atkins) (1923-2002) Sea Island Elementary 1967-1968
Isaac, Roy Errol (1941-1992) Duncan McDonald Elementary 1965-1967
Leversage, Kathleen Bernice (Mrs. Douglas) Sea Island Elementary 1953-1955
Logan, Margaret Isabelle (Miss) (1908-1991) RCAF Annex to Sea Island Elementary 1951-1961
Lucey, Acheson William (Bill) Nibblet (1926-2005) Sea Island/Duncan McDonald Elementary 1964-1969
MacKenzie, Lucille Elizabeth (Mrs. Challoner) Sea Island Elementary 1949-1974
Naylen, Eileen Mary (Mrs. Fowler) (1923-2016) RCAF Annex to Sea Island Elementary 1950-1955
Nereida, Denise Jay (aka Garford) Sea Island Elementary 1976-1981
Quilter, Marie N. (Ms.) (1924-2013) Sea Island Elementary 1964-1965
Retallick, Gerald John Duncan McDonald Elementary 1967-1969
Rothe, Hugh R. Sea Island Elementary 1974-1979
Sheppard, Marlene Jocelyn (Mrs. Stewart, Mrs. McCracken) (1932-2004) RCAF Annex to Sea Island Elementary 1950-1957
Southwell, Suzanne née Ney (1927-2018) Duncan McDonald Elementary 1962-1969
Tempelmann Kluit, Melanie Sofia (Mrs. Griggs) Duncan McDonald Elementary 1964-1967
Whiting, Richard (Rick) James (1937-2017) Sea Island Elementary 1970-1977
Yurichuk, Phyllis Marlene (née Fisher) (1934-2021) Sea Island Elementary 1960-1963

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