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House Histories Project

houses at south end of Lancaster Crescent in Burkeville in June 2008


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Eunice Robinson


The House Histories Project emerged when the Sea Island Heritage Society attended the Burkeville Daze event a few years ago and people came to the Society interested in finding out who lived in their homes before they did and seeing the changes over the decades.

The Society first started creating house histories of the homes in Burkeville, the only remaining residential area on Sea Island. They walked the neighbourhood in different seasons and at different times and took photos of each house. Documents for each road, street and avenue were created and photos added for each home. Using historic information such as Canada Voters’ lists, the Society created a list of the individuals who lived at each address by year.

We Need Your Help!

As the number of original houses on Sea Island are disappearing, the Society endeavoured to create house histories for the other subdivisions that have disappeared like Cora Brown, Tapp Road, the RCAF Sea Island Station and the farms, and would appreciate any assistance to collect any photographs regarding the houses of Sea Island to add to the Society's Collection. Help us preserve the history and heritage of Sea Island by scanning or donating the actual photos to the Society. Contact Eunice Robinson at eunice@genbug.ca for any assistance.

Excerpts from House Histories

The Sea Island House Histories are stored in binders, by address order. As photos are donated or shared with the Society, or family names are mentioned, the Society adds the information to the Collection.

The following are two excerpts from the Society's House Histories Project. The first concerns the history of 129 Myron Drive, located in the once existing Cora Brown subdvision. The second concerns the history of 2(20) Douglas Crescent located in Burkeville.

house at 129 Myron Drive, Cora Brown subdivision on Sea Island in 1946

129 Myron Drive, Cora Brown subdivision on Sea Island, 1946
(Jim and Bessie Hamalock)

129 Myron Drive, Cora Brown Subdivision

Year Occupants of the house
1972 James, Bessie, Lauretta, Muriel and Doug Hamalock
1968 James, Bessie, and Eunice Hamalock
1965 James and Bessie Hamalock
1960 James Hamalock
1953 James and Bessie Hamalock
1949 James and Bessie Hamalock
1946 James and Bessie Hamalock
house at 129 Myron Drive, Cora Brown subdivision on Sea Island

2(20) Douglas Crescent in Burkeville on Sea Island, 1993
(Elizabeth "Beth" Pardey)

2(20) Douglas Crescent, Burkeville

Year Occupants of the house
2017 current owners
1993 Harold and Beth Pardey
1989 Harry A. and Ida W. Fanning
1965 Francis and Alice Puleston
1962 Francis L. and Alice M. Puleston
1957 Francis and Alice Puleston
1947 H.J. and D. Wilson